Heat is On

Well, I broke down and turned the heat on for the winter.  Not much, just barely, to take the edge off.  It’s seriously chilling out.  I just have to adjust my budget accordingly, buy fewer groceries and supplies.  Gifts this season will be a challenge, but I’ll just get creative.

Yesterday I had some new firsts with Avdi.  After my first in-person transaction at my credit union (a generous donation from Jess into savings), and a drop-in at Jess’s to feed (mostly play with) the cats while her family is away, I had my first card-carrying physical visit to the local library, where I introduced Avdi to “my” librarian, Deborah, and stocked up on my long-belated scifi book wishlist.  This should keep me out of trouble for three weeks or more.  I was so excited, I forgot to take photos.

Then he took me to Le Macaron French Pastries in Old Webster for lattés and croissants.  Charming and civilized.  They even have lots of trains here, being a major RR hub!

Back at my apartment, I set up the second shelf of my prop station, sowing all kinds of lettuces and greens, herbs, and wildflowers just for fun.  Hopefully I’ll get to eat salads!

Later, I hung out at Avdi’s house for Havdalah, pizza, beer, and a movie.  We finished watching part one of a silly Bollywood epic fantasy movie series, mostly enjoying making fun of it!

In case no one is wondering, I’m purposely not talking about what I’m really going through, having to do with the mental state of affairs I left behind in Ohio, which continues to stalk me remotely as it were.  To sum up: I’m even more of an evil villain than I already was!  Lots of irrational accusations and guilt-slinging.  Needless to say, it’s pointless to even engage or respond.  Someone that insecure and paranoid will need to work it out without me.  Still, it’s distressing.  ‘Nuff said.  Suffice it to say, each new day I’m in STL, I’m more thankful for my family, friends, and opportunities to grow here.  I’ve killed enough time for a lifetime.


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