Very Late Summer: a Normal STL Autumn

I know that last post sounded a little drunk.  I promise I wasn’t.  Which is even more disturbing.  And now back to my regular boring stuff.

Yesterday it was warm and sunny, almost like a summer day only with autumn colors.  I got to hang out with Avdi in Old Webster, another upscale neighborhood of shops, eateries, cafés, etc.  We checked out a fancy plant nursery, then strolled around, and ate lunch.

Then we went back to Avdi’s, where he continued to work, and I did some more garden cleanup, and planted his new crocuses for spring.  Then I walked home.  It doesn’t get any more regular than that.

As for boring, it really isn’t, for me, compared to before.  I just keep it light and superficial sometimes, rather than talk about what’s really on my mind, for the sake of you, dear casual reader.


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