Accessory to Murder (of Crows)

This is your Halloween Edition.

Here’s me being retired: undeterred by low income, I get “creative” with what I have, improvising whimsical décor and provisions.  Hey all you once-a-year zombies on the street, where I live it’s Halloween all year.  Or whatever holiday I say it is.

I spend a lot of time alone, keeping myself amused.  Can you tell?  I think I need to get out more.

I needed an earring tree, so I made one out of twisted decorative wire.  It may not look Etsy-pro, but it works for me!  My corvid cousins would be so envious.  Here’s one now, eying the goods.

This Italian/Greek-style meal was super-easy to concoct with a small quantity of pasta, fresh and home-frozen veggies, homegrown fresh and dried herbs, and some Italian cheeses.  With inexpensive red wine, it probably comes to a couple of dollars at most.  I don’t know how The Skullies stay so thin!

When I had no fresh flowers for Diwali, I threaded together scraps of craft materials into a garland, and then added shiny sukkah remnants, so it’s all-inclusive.  Hindu with a side of Sukkot.  Maybe some Day of the Dead thrown in for good measure.  Cover all the bases.

I’ve always been a little eccentric and fanciful.  In case it’s not obvious.  Maybe it’s all the sci-fi/fant/horror I’ve read.


So, yeah, not strictly minimalist, because I’m a corvid at heart.  (Not featherbrained!))  I can’t resist the glittery stuff.  It’s not exactly nesting; call it accessorizing.





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