Root Connections

Most days here are good days, but yesterday was particularly so.

I got to do some garden cleanup at Avdi’s, including de-decorating the sukkah, and then he and I took a long walk through old parks and vivid trees, over the highway and railroad, and eventually to a “bougie” part of town with upscale shops, cafés, and watering holes, where we got local beers and people-watched.

Throughout the walk we got to talk and catch up on all kinds of backlogged subjects, some pretty deep, worthwhile stuff.  I now know and understand a lot more than before.

Then we all did erev Shabbat together (featuring my first attempt at challah in years).  Feeling more thankful than ever.  Words are limited, so here are some scenes.  The autumn colors in STL are almost blindingly brilliant.

Plus bonus flowers for my apartment!

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