A Sense of Proportion

Sometimes it’s better to wait and keep quiet.  I’ve been learning to do that a lot, lately.

Yesterday I almost indulged in a self-pity post about being cut off from nature in my solitary apartment confinement.  Then much more serious family stuff came up that put my minor discomfort into perspective, as always.

Then today, I got to tag along with Avdi to MoBot (Missouri Botanical Garden) where he was compiling videos for his work (now there’s an enviable job description!).  So I got my nature fix while he worked.  I also found out how I can volunteer!

Now that the COVID risk is behind us for now, it looks like I’ll be able to get back over to Avdi’s tomorrow (Shabbat).  And some networking may connect me to people who might be carpooling to volunteer opportunities in the great outdoors.  I have very little to complain about.

Oh, well, maybe a brief rant about !@#$ing Medicaid in MO!  They are beyond stupid.  They think I have money and income I don’t have, because they can’t read or get facts or something.  Not surprising, having tried to communicate with them.  They make it impossible to reach an actual human, if they even have those.  I sent them every proof there is, multiple times when once wasn’t enough.  Anyway, I’m tired of them and done with the stress of dealing with them.  You can’t say I didn’t jump through all their hoops.  OK, rant over.

Back to sane natural things.

And here is my humble abode, and some apple muffins/bread I made.


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