L’shanah Tovah in STL

This is my first erev Rosh haShanah in St. Louis.  I’m so new I don’t even know how to feel, except thankful and fortunate to be here.  We’re not doing much this year, but just having this chance at a fresh start in good company is more than enough.

We never did make it to the Tower Grove Pride today, as Avdi and friends were overbooked for events as it was.  I was a little sorry, but I made the most of time at home to walk up to the dollar store and buy some more essentials for the apartment, and cleaned it up.  I dragged all the broken down boxes into the laundry room once and for all, so now it looks livable and lived in.  Now I’m just listening to music and grokking the fullness, as they say.

For Shabbat, J&C outdid themselves again with a wonderful shepherd’s pie and sides, and this absolutely perfect apple pie from scratch.  I don’t know how they manage to follow their acts with even better ones, but they do.  Then we (family and good friends from out of town) all watched (or rewatched) the Telugu blockbuster RRR.  Such a fun movie.

Here are updates of my apartment progress.  I may be losing the battle to stay minimalist, as more shiny stuff keeps appearing and injecting itself into the few available crannies.  Once I find a few more items of furniture, I’ll distribute it more.  Or so I tell myself.  I’m like a corvid; I can’t resist shiny things.


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