The Zen of Fixturing

Still taking care of business!  I got my new credit union account yesterday, and bought some more groceries.  I actually have food and basic necessities now.  Such luxury!  My son bought me some lox, bagels, and cream cheese, among other delicacies; oh the decadence!

He introduced me to the Costco here.  It was like Little India!  In fact, Little Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the world!  Like an international shopping spree.  Whites were in the minority, I was loving it!  It was a microcosm of STL in general, so diverse.

It’s been oppressively hot and humid here; hard to tell autumn begins tomorrow.  It’s even too hot for me to garden at Avdi’s, so instead, I repotted my herbs at home, what passes for gardening at my apartment.  My laundry room makes a great potting shed!

My son wants me to be a “fixture” at their home.  While I’m flattered, that’s a hard skill to learn!  So I’ve been practicing my “fixturing” (now a verb in the L42 dictionary).  You don’t want to be lurking underfoot, but there’s not always a job or service to be rendered!  It’s almost like a zen exercise.  The Zen of Being Here Now!  (You can tell I come from Hippiedom.)




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