For My Next State…

In a few more days my son and his partner and I will be driving to St. Louis, to a state I’ve possibly flown over or driven through in the dead of night.  I may have glimpsed the Mississippi River from above.  I know next to nothing about my new home, other than that my son and chosen family, and sometimes the younger Gkids, live there.

I feel honored and privileged to become a part of their life, for however long I have left.  Nevertheless, my anxiety has been working overtime!  It actual gave me some kind of scary panic attack or something, with lingering effects.   But I believe it’s one of the few right decisions I’ve made in my life, a long time coming, one I won’t regret.

Here are some last shots of the garden.  I’m pleased it did so well in the short year we’ve been back.  The bees are working overtime, getting thoroughly pollinated themselves!  Also–produce!

We had an early birthday celebration for E, since I won’t be here next month.

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