Hate-spewer vs. Zombie-mewer: You Decide

No rants today, you’ll be relieved to know.  I got it out of my system yesterday.  I do have a mother’s day ponder, though.

People say it’s better to have a Mom that’s still technically alive, whatever the state of the relationship, but I wonder.  In E’s case, her mother (a trump type) is hateful and ignorant toward her, and it’s better to avoid conversations for the sake of mental health.  In my case, my mother is so demented she can no longer speak human, just eerie animal noises.  It’s hard to tell if she’s even there, or if she knows who I am.  I hope for my son’s sake that I never get to that state.

Anyway, I’m still fairly lucid (I think), and gardening is good (i.e. affordable) therapy for anxiety and depression.  I’ve been working on this back corner of the yard, clearing much of the exotic invasive honeysuckle, planting native trees and shrubs, to approximate a micro-woodland setting.  It’s what I do wherever I live, even if I don’t live to see it.

Here are some more flowers for all you Mothers.



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