After the Gushers

The ground is still one big soaking sponge after all the gushers, but it was a balmy, sunny day in the 80s yesterday, so we took a walk in Glen Helen Nature Preserve, home of the yellow (irony) springs.  There were masses of native spring ephemerals in bloom… phlox, geranium, white violets, mayapple, jack-in-the pulpit, trilliam, ginger, and many others.  I even spied some tiny red ginger flowers.  All the various falls were in gush mode.  In fact, the main trail was closed due to flooding.  The beavers have done their work well.

As per habit, we adjourned to the Tavern, where I enjoyed this fruity Yellow Springs Harmonizer kolsch.

Later I had to mow again, as all the flooding produced a thick crop of hay and dandelions.  I’ll be back at it today, finishing off the swampiest area.  I know, “No Mow May” and so on, but this is the suburbs, and we rent.  I keep it set high, so as not to destroy all the beneficial critters too drastically, and I reduce lawn area wherever possible.  Here’s an interesting tree sculpture in the far back corner of the yard, where I cleared brush.

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