Not Voting for Civil Rights: Not an Option

To review–we voted in the Ohio primary (US Congressional, Ohio gubernatorial, other state positions).  Ohio legislative candidates will be on a later primary ballot, due to the whole redistricting court battle.  This continues to be a predominantly red state, with trump lunatic fringe winners, though there are some exceptions.

Especially right now, with the GOP-loaded Supreme Court attempting to overturn Roe v. Wade women’s medical rights (and what next?), voting for judicious leaders is the minimum we can do to protect all constitutional civil rights, and yet the Dem turnout here was lukewarm compared to Repubs, which is typical.  Discouraging.

That same day, Tuesday, we drove to Columbus for a routine procedure for E.  The sky was threatening severe storms and possible tornadoes, but we managed to dodge that bullet.  There have been quite a few infrastructure improvements since the last time we saw the city years ago.

The rest of the week I worked on my own modest improvements to the garden, adding more plants to the perennial gardens and “salad bar” bed, and starting to plant my leafy greens garden with seedlings I grew.  All the rain and cool weather have effectively extended early spring growing conditions, helping ephemerals and cool-season veggies to gain a foothold.  I also started a whole new batch of germination trays of more veggies, herbs, and flowers on the porch.  All of which was closely supervised by Misu and her feral fan club.


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