Braving the Deep Freeze for Subaru and Spooky

One of the many perks of buying a new Subaru is the optional free session with a rep to provide a guided tour of your car’s systems and operation (lots of fun new tech features), and to answer all your questions.  This was performed thoroughly and commendably at our local dealership today, well worth the venture into the frigid freezer.  We were  able to pick up an ordered accessory at the same time, and the parts dept. even followed up promptly and personally to make sure E was satisfied with it.

Not to sound like a Subaru commercial, but love!!  The difference between a typical Subaru dealership and the TN one is like night and day.  It’s part of the reason E, a retired, loyal GM employee, ended up choosing Subaru, because of the superior dealership customer service, going above and beyond.  And that’s during a pandemic.

Naturally we had to adjourn to Yellow Springs, to do a little “necessary” shopping and lunch at HQ.  YS, though not perfect, is still safer and less risky to visit than most places during COVID, with its village-wide precautions.  We dropped by Dark Star Books, where I stocked up on used books and visited with Spooky the bookstore cat, seen here lounging atop the comics.  Here is the “now-famous” view from the Tavern’s back room, with lingering snow, and a brown beer.


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