Chinese Erev xmas for the Masses

Yesterday we set out in the afternoon for our customary Chinese xmas eve, expecting it to be pleasantly quiet and empty as in the past.

Instead, it seems every hillbilly in Ohio has discovered our Jewish “tradition”, that is, Chinese restaurants are open after last-minute shopping, while everything else is closing (or closed for COVID).  It looked like a hairy bigfoot convention.  The poor little Chinese ladies were working their asses off trying to cram and herd the bearded goat people in and out.  A couple of seven+ foot giants rumbled passed us, literally shaking the floor.  We huddled in our corner amid the racket, trying to eat, not get COVID, and make it out alive!

On the way home, we noticed a tiny Vietnamese mom&pop place that was open.  Next year may be the start of a “new tradition”!  It would definitely be an improvement.

On a saner note, here are E’s latest Challot–after all, it was Erev Shabbat as well as erev xmas.  These came out really well.

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