Full Circle: the Closing Journey

We made it to TN on our final round trip for closing on the house and other business.  Mission almost accomplished! We dropped by the old place to visit our nice neighbors one last time, and thank them for all they’ve done to help.  I think they’re getting as fed up with TN as we were, and with good reason.  Who knows, they may decide to move to Ohio, once they visit us next year.

(We also swiped one final load of tomatoes and peppers from our garden!  Hey, it’s “ours” until tomorrow!)

We’re staying at our old familiar Luxbury Inn and Suites, as we did when we were first moving here.  Full circle.  It’s still owned and run by the same lovely Gujerati family, so it’s almost like old friends.  They upgraded us to one of their nice suites, as they often used to do.  It’s a bit updated and redecorated, clean, and has every basic amenity one needs.  And no piles of boxes waiting for furniture we don’t have to store stuff in.

It made me think, for the average American, this would be extremely bare bones and minimalistic, but having lived in India, this would be like the Taj Mahal to many Indians (and much of the world).  It has a functional kitchen with full fridge/freezer and stove, sitting room, two (!) TVs, a bedroom/office desk for me to write this on, comfortable bed, and bath.  And friendly, polite hosts.  What more do you need?  Maybe just a more enlightened state to reside in.

Oh, and a kitty–ours is residing in the garage until we return, where I’m sure she is not amused.  Still better than schlepping her hundreds of miles.  Poor thing, what we’ve put her through!  But it’s almost over.

Not a very appropriate way to spend Rosh haShanah, but as my son says, new beginnings!  Out with the old.  Another chance to start over.

Here are some misty mountain scenes as the sun was just rising in TN, and final approach to Alcoa/Maryville.  (We started out around 3 AM, to avoid the infamous Cincy parking lot.  It worked.)



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