Tortoise and Hare Speed Racers

In just a day or two we went from slow old tortoise plodding along in the garden to high speed hare racing to the finish.  But of course the proverbial tortoise, doing all the boring, methodical things behind the scenes, wins the race.  I guess that award should go to E, who has been planning, arranging, and laboring for months.  I get the booby prize.  Kudos to Misu, who supervised the whole project.

We now have signed and paid the lease ahead for the Ohio house, starting Aug.1, not to mention signing up for utilities, booking rental vehicles ahead for the move, and all the other things too numerous to name.  That is, while still paying our mortgage/expenses here until we sell this house, hopefully some time in the next couple of months.  That’s how tight and scarce things are due to the pandemic–you’re fortunate if you can secure any  affordable rentals ahead, on top of current obligations.

E is finishing off the interior/exterior repairs and refurbishing, while I’m expediting my sorting, packing, and garden cleanup, in preparation for staging and showing.  I guess you could say we’ve started the countdown.

Needless to say, the transition to high-speed train is a bit hair-raising and stress-inducing, and is taking its toll, but we’re keeping focused on the end goal and the whole point of this exercise.  As Seven of Nine and Tuvok would sum it up, TN is no longer relevant or logical for us.  Paradoxically, moving back to Ohio is moving forward.  Better to cut our losses sooner than later, and reprioritize while we still can.

On that hairball note, here are the latest garden findings, including Mexican red hat (Ratibida), some butterfly milkweed seedpods, an unripe passionfruit, lots of wildflowers with pollinators, and the usual zinnia/etc. suspects.



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