April Fools’ Year

We had a couple of sunny days in the 70s, then back to drenching rain day and night, now leaving us with a frosty Feb.-like front for April Fools’ Day.  All the tulips are hanging their heads with the chill.  On the other hand, it hasn’t fazed hardy herbs like comfrey, pictured.  In East TN, you garden on a climate roller coaster, when you can.

The other day(s), I cleaned up, expanded, and tilled the bed along the side fence all the way down to the shed (no easy task, with “soil” like concrete).  I re-tilled the front tomato bed, which had weeded over again.  I cut back the tomato seedlings again, and sowed cucumbers and bronze fennel indoors.  I transplanted hardened-off herbs to the herb bed.  After all this rain, all my cool weather veggies are coming up in the main veg garden.  Hopefully they won’t freeze.

Meanwhile, E has been working on the “deck” project, restoring it to an actual porch.  Whether or not we end up staying here, the obvious goal is to bring this hillbilly haven up to resale value in the next few years.

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