On Visibility

On trans day of visibility, I just want to say from experience that for many trans people, it’s still dangerous and risky to be visible.  Most are just average humans trying to make a living, go to school, access basic healthcare, or just go to the bathroom like the rest of us.  They’re not trying to stand out or be weird or bother anyone.  They don’t choose to be born with the wrong biological gender.  It’s not a choice or even an orientation.

They often get a bad rap from a minority who cross-dress on the weekend, or experiment, but haven’t gone through the long medical struggle to actually transition to their correct gender.  They continue to be discriminated against by doctors, employers, schools, businesses, and even their own families.  All they want is the right and security to live a normal life like others, without the risk of bullying, violence, or blind hate.

I look forward to a day when it’s safe to walk down the street while being trans, or black, or Asian, or however you were born, without being gunned down or denied essential services, or for that matter, singled out at all.  And I applaud all the brave people who educate the public and promote civil rights in any form.  They risk visibility for a good cause, so others won’t have to.

Here are some flowers, and some excellent potato latkes by E.



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