Farmer L42’s Almanac 2021

To review: I am L42 and this is my sporadic Almanac for the year 2021.

I just planted my tomato seeds indoors (plus more basil and cilantro).  Meanwhile, my eggplants and now peppers are germinating.  It’s a miracle.

Next up:  the next warm day I will rototill the veg beds again.  Then the first week of March or so, I’ll start outdoor direct sowing of the earliest cool-weather crops (covering them as necessary).  It’s still a bit cold, but resistance is futile.

Outside, the ground is covered with crocuses, and thousands of other spring flower shoots have spread everywhere.  Soon it will be a veritable flower lawn.  So much nicer than turf.

I’m excited about some native (to North America) tree and shrub seeds I just ordered from a reliable grower/seed saver in Canada. Finally I’ll get to try growing paw paw, persimmon, black elderberry, serviceberry, and witch hazel, all excellent natives for wildlife habitat restoration, and food/fragrance for all of us.  It’s a good start.

Here are some breads E made the other day, y’know, to help keep the house warm.  I’ll have a lot of working off to do.

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