Who We Are

First, a disclaimer of sorts.  If I’ve ever used or implied the phrase “This is not who we are”, I withdraw it, with apologies.  It is obviously who we are as Americans, have been for centuries, just whipped into a violent frenzy under trump’s white supremacist regime.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger has pointed out from personal experience, this is much as Hitler’s holocaust began, with ordinary neighbors, with perhaps unacknowledged racist, antisemitic tendencies, just needing a small, egotistical fascist to unleash their fear and hate.

We built this nation on genocide, slavery, and immigrant labor, while claiming equality and justice, apparently for whites only.  This is who we are.  The consequences of our brutal atrocities are still coming back to haunt us.

If minorities dare to peacefully invoke civil rights or voting rights for all, instantly stormtroopers show up and start shooting indiscriminately.  If white nazi peasants with guns and pitchforks attack the Capitol as Congress is in session certifying a lawful election, a few security cops practically invite them in to loot, pillage, and kill.

Guess who looms large in both cases, goading them on?  A small, psychotic man and his fawning power mongers.  And your “normal, average” family and neighbors cheer them on.  A double standard, wouldn’t you say?

Meanwhile, many of the same people are blithely spreading this deadly virus, which is consuming us and our medical infrastructure at alarming, unprecedented levels.  Apparently convenience trumps survival, even that of your loved ones, until the virus eventually comes for you.  And marginalized minorities, as always, suffer disproportionately.  This too, it appears, is who we are.

There, I’ve said my little piece, and now back to the weather.  Which is snowing.  Again.  But…Spring is Coming!



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