Persistence is Vital

Guess what predictable, shameful outcome repubs (i.e. trump) pulled off in the Senate.  [Hint: see previous post.]  Their undisguised malicious intentions are so obvious to anyone with half a brain.  And ordinary struggling Americans continue to pay the price.  Not to mention trump’s ongoing scheme to obstruct vaccine distribution and other COVID prevention/relief.  They are delusional, cowardly thugs to the very end.

Biden/Harris have their work cut out, just undoing some of the damage.  For some it’s too late.  But there’s light up ahead, as saner minds prevail, if we can all just stay sensible and safe.

Speaking of resilient survivors, these are black hollyhocks, ferns, and columbines, among others that managed to stay green through snow and ice.  Typically, today we’re back to almost 60°, but more unusual icy cold fronts are on the way.  Plants remind us how life can persist in darkest, coldest times, even in the face of human-caused climate change.  We need reminders right now.




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