Year of Ironies

The irony.  It would be laughable, if it weren’t so sad.

Dems have been fighting all along for desperately needed relief checks for ordinary Americans struggling to survive during this pandemic.  They had to compromise and settle for a measly $600 per person, which won’t even put food on the table, let alone pay rents, healthcare, utility bills, students’ wifi, etc., because of repub brutishness.  We’re in a historical crisis of unemployment, evictions, health insurance loss, sickness and deaths, starvation, and other economic devastation not seen since the Great Depression.  Trump was nowhere to be found throughout this process.

Now suddenly he declares he’s for $2000 per person, in contradiction to his own party’s miserly policies, and even more than dems were pushing for. This would at least make some difference to people for now, and help the economy.  So what happens?  A bipartisan vote in the House passes it, no problem, but Senate repubs under Mitch McConnell continue to stall and throw in superfluous wrenches besides, to delay passage further.  Even with their own precious president now in favor of it (to make himself look good as he melts down).

Meanwhile, billionaires actually got richer during this crisis, thanks to repub tax breaks and loopholes, while the majority of hardworking Americans are struggling through no fault of their own.  This is the country we live in, now.  To borrow a phrase, it’s a disgrace.

In better news, we’re not starving or suffering, although any relief money would help us finally make some much-needed basic house and auto repairs.  If we don’t get sick or worse, we’ll be OK.  In other irony, that puts us po’ folk in a fortunate minority making it through this horrible year.

Here is E’s famous lasagna, which will feed us for days.


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