The Only Countdown That Counts

After four years of making America medieval again, and the nightmare that was 2020, the real countdown is to trump’s eviction, and to beginning the long process of healing and restoring functionality to our country.

Oh, trump will do his evil best to go out with a bang, throwing wrenches, and sabotaging the incoming administration as he goes.  But with all his mental and physical sickness, as well as criminal activities, I predict he’ll eventually fizzle out over the next four years, with more of a whimper.

Maybe more people will wake up and realize the damage and devastation he left in his wake, and what it looks like to actually care and provide care for all Americans, and for people simply seeking citizenship and a livelihood.  That is what our democracy is supposed to be about.

We can’t undo all the tragic, unnecessary losses that trump’s malicious incompetence caused, but now at least we have a chance to restore some sanity, security, and justice.  It can’t get much worse than it did.  Right?

Happy erev 2021.  Please continue to stay home and stay safe.  This is not over yet.


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