Once in a Blue Moon 2020

For Halloween we stayed home (what a surprise) and watched old cheesy classic horror movies.  No candy was involved, just cheese and kitsch.  It was good, safe fun.  It was also a rare full “blue moon”, the first on Halloween since WWII, so that was different.  Let’s hope a year like this one only comes that seldom.

Also on Halloween, my son returned to St. Louis for some indeterminate period.  I’m very thankful I got to see him one more time.  One never knows these days if it will be the last.  I didn’t get to say all the things I was thinking, but I hope he knows by now I love and miss him all the time.

It’s definitely changing over to fall on this Nov. 1, with chilly wind and night temps falling to the 30s.  It must know we turned the clocks back an hour, or that it’s my brother’s birthday.  Where we’re from, it would be seriously into cold, icy weather about now, or at least before climate change.  But here it’s still springlike during the days.

Today I managed to transplant a few more cedar saplings to the driveway fence line.  I’d do more, but my back has been killing me.  I look like a zombie shambling along.  I fit right into the scary season.

Here’s my show-and-tell for today.  This empty wasp nest fell down on the porch, and I found this beautiful butterfly or moth with bluish fur, and a tail like a tiny bird.  I think it’s a long-tailed skipper, found in S. America and parts of the southern USA.




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