On the Brink

Tomorrow is the dreaded general election, which is when we’ve decided to vote, having weighed the various risks.  Hopefully the lines won’t be too long, and COVID precautions will be in place.

Then it’s just the beginning of a long suspenseful week (month?) of results being tallied.  We can only trust that trump’s criminal suppression and intimidation of voters will be exposed for what it is, and the majority of votes will count.  We also hope for many down-ballot races to turn the tables toward more progressive legislators, and defeat some of these conmen holding our democracy hostage.  That’s about all the hope and idealism I can muster in the face of so much disintegration of sanity and justice.

Until then, here’s something more down-to-earth I’m thrilled about–my fall saffron crocuses started to bloom!  These are the ones that produce actual culinary saffron threads.

Here are some fine bloody marys (maries?) E made last night.  Also an herby windowsill view.

It’s been getting frosty at night, and a bit chilly by day, so I decided to harvest what’s left of my peppers and tomatoes.  Soon I’ll be bringing the potted tropicals and herbs in.  There’s still much work to be done outside to prep for winter.  One step at a time, which is about all I can manage right now anyway.

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