Small Mercies in a Year of Horror

It’s been raining intermittently, while temps remain mild, and leaves continue their vivid show.  Pollinators are concentrating their efforts before the weather changes.  This time of year is full of photographic contrasts and textures, and new perspectives I hadn’t considered before.

In this particular year of horrors, I’m thankful for all the small things some take for granted, like not contracting the plague, and having a yard full of nature to play around with.  (Also having a stable combined fixed income with which to pay our bills and buy food doesn’t hurt!)  It’s not always easy, but compared to the world meltdown and train wreck, we are very fortunate.  Who knew it would ever come down to this?

Now if we can all have the presence of mind to vote this vile nightmare out of office, we can all start inching back toward undoing some damage and recovering some ground.  Our very survival depends on it.


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