Taverna in Balmy October Rain

It’s been raining nicely for a couple of days, while still springlike out.  The contrasting flowers and greenery with increasingly colorful autumn leaves is stunning.  Squirrels and birds are racing and hurtling around, preparing for winter, whenever that is.  I’ve heard rumors of snow in far-flung outlier states, but that seems so unreal, strolling around in this almost balmy weather.

Rewinding for a moment, for erev Shabbat I let E in the kitchen for a change, and she outdid herself with this excellent authentic stuffed Greek chicken with potatoes.  Not to be outdone, the next day I came up with this Greek eggplant dish.  Lots of fresh homegrown herbs, peppers, and tomatoes were involved.  Our Greek excursion was a success, as well as very inexpensive to prepare.  Who needs eating out, anyway!  We have our own taverna.

Back to seasonal scenes.  The rainy background really accentuates these colors, but more to the point, inspires anticipation of taller trees and prolific native wildflowers come spring.

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