My Own Private Pride

After PrideFest, and a break to catch our breath, we met up with my son and kids in Maryville.  His power had gone out, so we holed up at a pizza place with the kids, then checked out the lovely little Pistol Creek Wetland Center as the sun was setting.  We walked (or ran) down the well-built boardwalk, tasting ripe berries, catching fireflies, and observing wildflowers and wildlife.

It makes me proud to watch my son and Gkids interact with each other and nature.  It’s my own private Pride.  Each moment I can spend with them during this sad countdown toward their exit is one I will treasure later.  I hope it will make some small positive difference to them, too.

(Side note–K. was feeling a little anxious and chilled, so he got to wear the magical “Sacred Hoodie”, a privilege only special persons get!  It seemed to help.)


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