Rain Days

I love gardening in the rain.  I love how thunderstorms just materialize out of nowhere here and turn everything into a rain garden.  Suddenly it’s a tropical monsoon, next it’s a perfectly sunny day, with a sparkly rain curtain.   Totally unpredictable, but never dull.

E baked this very nice oat/cranberry/raisin bread yesterday.  We ate half of it.

Today I harvested all these squashes and the never-ending chard.  I tried out a southern collards recipe, only using chard.  I can’t reveal the recipe, or Myrtle’s Knoxville will have to sue me!  Let’s just say, needs more experimentation.  But I see potential.

While it rained, E continued to work on the front porch, while I planted more herbs and cleaned up flower beds.  We put the domestic in partnership.



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