Still Here

We weathered another dangerous storm, including several tornados and damage in and around town.  Tornado sirens were blaring all evening, extreme alerts kept coming in on our devices, and you could see the black cloud where it was touching down not far away.  It went on for hours, with tornados impacting the whole area.  It was pretty scary.  I thought this was it, kiss our asses goodby.  But we lived to see another day.

I’m still not used to living in a place like this, and never will be.  Between the ignorant behavior, backwardness, and volatile weather, I will always feel out of place and alien.  And now we’re stuck here for another half a year, and uncertain about our future.  Looking back at these few years, it will not be the brightest period of my life, but perhaps illuminating… like a paradox.  I’m not in a very good state of mind, in case it’s not obvious.  But this too shall pass, or so they say.

Here’s the early morning sky clearing somewhat.



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