It was raining, and we went shopping clothing sales for E.  This is a big deal for her, buying actual  clothes, after a lifetime of having very little for herself.  I myself have given away bazillions more clothes than she’s ever owned.  Yet she feels spoiled and guilty “indulging” herself by buying a few necessities.  I have to keep reassuring her that it’s all right.

These ducks (mallards I think) were out in the mall parking lot, along with many geese and even a gosling or two, enjoying the puddles.  That was my nature fix for the day.

I read this very helpful article that I recommend:  https://medium.com/@robin.chancer/how-to-stay-sane-if-trump-is-driving-you-insane-advice-from-a-therapist-42e982195e22 .  It gives a different psychological perspective on dealing with the political insanity around us right now.

That’s all I have for now.



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