Live from the Foyer

A foyer is the passage where you hang your proverbial hat until it’s time to leave, which is the mode we’re in.  I couldn’t even write yesterday, it’s so tense.  So I’ll try to make up for it today.

Ironically, E watches the news for us nowadays.  I used to be the news maven, but if I subject myself to one minute of that psycho-case we have for president, I literally get nauseated.  E keeps me apprised of the latest freakshow.

We’re on the verge of setting our house hunt in motion.  We had to wait until the financial damage and discredit done by the ex was finally behind us.  This delay has actually worked out for the best, not just in loan qualification terms.  We’ve had time to process a lot of baggage, not just the literal kind.  It’s a work in progress, for two people from extreme opposite backgrounds, but if we can do it, anyone can!  Better to have divested of most of the crap in the waiting room, then move on with our lives.  Time’s too short to waste it on psychodrama.  Ohioans can keep it!

We watched a very good but disturbing documentary on Amazon about the horrific state of Cincinnati as it relates to its schools . The degree of poverty, addiction, and inadequate education is astounding.  The thing is, the Dayton area and its schools are not much better, as E can attest to.  She was totally failed by the system as a child, then again when she worked for them.  When you drive through this area, it’s like a bleak abandoned industrial wasteland, and the people who are left are like lower lifeforms.

It’s incomprehensible to me, or to anyone who came from a decent economic and educational background, that such primitive conditions still exist in this country.  It’s a crime that graduating from high school–high school–is the rare exception to the rule all over Ohio.  Never mind even dreaming of college.  This one exceptional Cincy principal made it his passion to successfully turn this pattern around, but sadly, the system as it existed ended up terminating him.  Now we have an administration that wants to sabotage education even further, to make America stupider again.

But not to rant on, erev preps are in progress, and so are we.


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