A strange characteristic of people in this area is, they have absolutely no sense of, or respect for,  boundaries, whether physical or social, and they pass this trait on to their kids.  You’ll see whole herds of kids and adults wandering through your yard and landscape, disturbing, trampling, and vandalizing.  The so-called grownups just stand there spitting, ignoring and enabling this behavior.  It’s incomprehensible to me.  Nobody acted like this anywhere else I’ve lived before.

These are the same people who vote for Trump, or not at all.  There’s a parallel.  Nothing exists outside of their narcissistic little world.  If you have any self-respect, and try to improve or repair your surroundings, including the damage they’ve done which affects everyone’s health and safety,  they scream irrationally at you.  These are the role models their kids will be following.  Nothing outside of themselves matters.

I just finished mowing the whole lawn, and once again cleaned up the damage they did to my front flower bed.  They know I’ve been maintaining the yard for years before they got here, but it’s irrelevant.  The unsupervised herds just plow right through it, while they watch.  But it’s just a matter of time before we’re out of here.  Then they can destroy the place altogether.

It’s hard to let go, and not “own” any of this.  It just baffles me that humans can still be so ignorant and uncivilized.  It will be a luxury to just be able to go outside in our own yard and garden, without getting confronted or shot at, and to not share a home with deranged barbarians.  I’d much rather share it with animals, who know better.

Sorry about the rant.  I try to be philosophical, but sometimes this place just confounds me.  But not for long!



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