Easter is one of those sad and lonely holidays for E, whose whole family abandoned her and withheld her grandchildren from her.  She misses them especially on days like this.  The evil tenants are out there as I write, putting plastic eggs out in the yard for their kids.  I hope they don’t use them for skeet shooting.

So I tried to do a little something to cheer her up.  I got up early and made her some naturally-colored eggs.  I used turmeric, blue curaçao, beet juice, and grenadine, in various combinations.  Voilà!  I considered making a “healthy” drink out of it, but thought better of it.  Add bunnies and décor, and there you have it.  Ostara, as I prefer to think of it.

Meanwhile, E is cooking up something traditional from long ago in the kitchen.  It smells good.  The Skullies are ready to party.  Prost!




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