Finding Value in a Waiting Room

Finding beauty in a challenging situation can be, well, challenging!

We’re in the final months of our waiting game, chomping at the bit, laying low, and trying to make the most of our time left.  I get up early (well, early for me) and try to find new angles in the tired familiar views.  It’s more challenging when limited to less-than-optimal resources (in this metaphor a crappy phone cam), but that’s where ingenuity and creativity come in, reframing the mundane in a new light.  I’ve had to reconsider many hackneyed assumptions and attitudes, while in Ohio.

Mulberry in morning light, and the “Nasty” (nasturtium) jungle:

Herbs in silhouette, and bleeding hearts out of focus:

Here is my new resolution for TN–I will try to refrain from jumping to judgmental conclusions and criticisms of my environment, and just give it a chance.  This will probably be my last stand, so-to-speak, and it deserves a clean slate.  I will try to restrict my protests to actual issues that need to be addressed in an appropriate forum.  This is an opportunity to start over and get it right.  I’m thankful for another chance, this late in life.  Not many people are this privileged.

I’m L42, and I approve this message.

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