Garden Toad

I braved the tenants, who were standing there watching and smoking the whole time, trying (and failing) to draw me out, as I finally straightened up the front garden bed.  They appear to have no memory of all the times they tried to intimidate and harass E, and all the other chaos, and blame it on one of their other squatters.  It’s as if they have no connection to reality or stability.  But we just mind our own business and bide our time.  Once we’re gone, they can proceed to trash the whole building and yard.

Anyway, while I was puttering around the garden I found this toad!  For some reason, toads have almost disappeared from this area, as have other critters.  So I was happy to see this guy.

There were lots of things blooming, including masses of violets, apple blossoms, etc:

Well, back to Pesach…not much else to do, as I did most of the slaving yesterday.



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