Slave Report

Slaving is hard work!  But the end is in sight.  I went all out and made enough food for the two seder nights, so tomorrow I can just add to the leftovers.  Here is the menu:

Middle Eastern lamb with fresh mint and parsley:

Herbed turkey with red potatoes, carrots, and fresh rosemary:

Middle Eastern eggplant with peppers and fresh cilantro:

Steamed asparagus with fresh dill (eventually):

…and of course my world-famous charoset, and all the other symbolic seder components.  I think I’ve earned my keep.

I think I’ll be going offline for a little while, probably under the table, so I just want to wish y’all (you know who you are) a very happy, peaceful, and meaningful Pesach, however you choose to observe it.  Next year in TN!  L’chaim!



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