There’s a funny video someone made on social media of what it’s been like to wake up to a trumpworld every day—basically “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.  After a while you just have this permanent hideous silent scream face all day long.

That’s how it feels waking up every day to more unbelievably insane news of the trump psych ward—it’s so surreal, you think you yourself have gone mad.  Just where they want us, where insanity seems normal, and resistance is futile.

(A drama of a husband trying to drive his wife insane in order to distract her from his criminal activities—ring a bell?)

That’s why we have to limit our daily bad news intake to the top worst headlines, then go do something completely apolitical like gazing at nature or puppies or food.  So that’s what this post will be about. (Fooled you, didn’t I?)

Here are deadly delicious peanut butter cookies E made.  You can tell because these are the only ones left.

Here are my lettuce seedlings coming along.  I planted some other salad greens, so soon you’ll be seeing those as well.

Here are herbs and flowers on a cold, snowy day.  We apparently don’t get respectable blizzards here, just lame imitations.  Still, it’s white-ish.

And as alluded to, cute baby animals.  Here is what they think of the news.






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