Life on the Other Side

There are frequent break-ins and vandalism in the neighborhood we live in.  Houses and vehicles belonging to neighbors, including the crowd downstairs, have been broken into multiple times.  Recently cops showed up late one night and managed to arrest some suspects.  But it doesn’t stop the activities.  Sirens are our constant background ambience.

The downstairs hillbillies from hell have continually refused to lock the common doors to our building, and loudly complain about the inconvenience, even with the security risk to all of us, including their own young children.  They have people coming and going loudly day and night.  We live in a constant state of nervousness.

After their rampage at E the other day, when the plumbing contractors and E had to clean up all the sewage in the basement caused by their negligence, we don’t even feel comfortable going downstairs to do laundry, in case of another crazy confrontation.  But we hesitate to talk to the landlord about these and other serious concerns, for fear the inmates will retaliate.

Last night I was awakened by a car alarm going off, then a car door repeatedly being slammed, and someone rummaging around by flashlight in the next-door neighbors’ car.  I stayed awake for hours,  feeling nervous.  This morning the vehicle was being hauled away, a typical occurrence around here.

We’re just trying to lay low and hold on until we can quietly move out of here, later this year.  We’re hoping the mob will self-destruct and move out first (just like a certain administration, but that’s wishful thinking).  We’re so looking forward to buying a small house of our own, with a private yard for a garden, where we can feel safe and secure.

I’ve peacefully coexisted with rednecks who were nice, civil, decent folks who just had a different world view from mine, but this is different.  It’s been an experience, living literally on the other side of the tracks.  I’m scared that the ignorance and lack of educational opportunities are just going to deteriorate further now with trump and company in power.  This situation is a perfect case in point.

The neighbors’ little children loved us when they first moved here, but now they’re being indoctrinated before our eyes to shun us, and are being subjected to chaos, crowding by too many unauthorized adults living there, constant smoking of various things, and ignorant behavior.  It’s sad, but there’s nothing you can do, just watch another generation get neglected and turn phobic.

But we’re trying to bide our time and look forward, hoping to find a safe haven in an increasingly uncertain political climate, a light at the end of the tunnel.



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