Hillbillies from Hell

We are so beyond ready to move out of Ohio.  June (when we can start house-hunting) can’t come soon enough.  This has to be the saddest state I’ve ever lived in.

I’ve mentioned before how archaic the plumbing and sewage infrastructure is here.  It’s like 19th century London.  On a good day, the system can barely handle normal usage, and periodically the basement backs up.  Then we just do damage control, with the help of some plumbing contractors who work for the realty company.

Now we have the hillbillies from hell living (more like squatting) below us, and they act like infantile savages.  On top of all their other pandemonium, they refuse to take any responsibility for the consequences of their careless, delinquent behavior.

In this case, they flush any and all inappropriate items down their drains and toilet, and this time the basement totally flooded with unmentionable sewage.  Then not only did they refuse to help clean up, they went ballistic at E and the nice plumber Mom and son, screaming, cursing, and insulting them for no reason.  E and the team had to take care of it all and take all the abuse.  It was very disturbing, but at least the plumbers witnessed firsthand what goes on here, and how E has to bear the brunt of it and not complain.

These are the kind of people who vote (if they vote) for a whiny, selfish, temper-tantrum-throwing infant for president, and then hurl abuse and insults at conscientious citizens demanding responsible representation of their elected officials.  But I won’t go there right now.  It’s not just in Ohio or Tennessee, I realize that, but it’s discouraging to live in a place surrounded by that mentality.

That’s why we just want to find a quiet, private, secure, out of the way place of our own, to live out what’s left of our lives.  With a nice big, pretty garden, with produce and flowers to share.  I guess that’s not too much to ask.  If we can be some small part of the solution, without exposing ourselves to nazis and witch hunts, that would be even better.  On that garden-y note, here are my seedlings getting bigger.  Sorry about the poor photo quality.



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