My Fellow Aquarians

My fellow Aquarians (you know who you are) will probably be able to relate to these traits that can be both an advantage and a curse.

We crave mental stimulation and intellectual engagement, and bore easily without that.  We can’t imagine just staying in one place doing mundane trivial pursuits our whole lives.  We are fascinated by other worlds and cultures.  We love to come up with new ideas, though we may let others actually put them into practice.  We are researchers, and love to acquire knowledge and pass it on.  We may tend to focus on detail, rather than the big picture, but we also like to imagine and envision alternate futures, environments, and improvements.

We have strong progressive opinions on social justice, politics, and the environment, and though we won’t judge you based on race, religion, or sexual orientation, we will judge your politics, and your resistance to progress and tolerance.  [I admit there was a period in my life when I let myself become indoctrinated into backward thinking, which I can’t explain or justify, considering Aquarians hate conformity, intolerance, or being dictated to like sheep.  But that’s history.]

We need to have a sense of independence, and tend to think/act unconventionally, even eccentrically.  We prefer to stay detached and uncontrolled by others.  We work best alone, and must have periods of solitary space in order to think and breathe.  This makes us seem aloof or even antisocial.  Indeed, we tend to be introverts and loners, but we also love to exchange intelligent ideas with individuals or in small groups.  It’s why communicating primarily online works so well for me.

I could go on, but I’d bore you and myself.  I leave you with “The Water Song”, by the Incredible String Band.  Yes, original hippie here, guilty as charged.  Grok the fullness, bitch.  This song sums up Aquarius for me.

Water water see the water flow
Glancing dancing see the water flow
Oh wizard of changes water water water
Dark or silvery mother of life
Water water holy mystery heavens daughter

God made a song when the world was new
Waters laughter sings it is true
Oh, wizard of changes, teach me the lesson of flowing

Written by Robin Williamson • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc


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