Countdown to Doom

On the occasion of the beginning of the end (tomorrow’s inauguration), I’ve seen various suggestions on how best to ignore it/boycott it, from tuning your TV/streaming service to anything not news-related, to more proactive activities like supporting local minority-friendly businesses and orgs, and marching in protest.

Some of us po’ folks can’t afford to do our philanthropic part for democracy, or risk life and limb confronting the gestapo, so we’ll just dedicate our erev Shabbat to peaceful coexistence in an uncertain Trump world, and think impeachy thoughts!  May his evil empire implode in upon itself.

I’m thinking of opening the alt-U v-bar tomorrow, so if you’re feeling a bit apocalyptic doomy, no need to drink alone!  I myself will no doubt be drinking heavily in some parallel reality.  Cheers!

In the meantime, here are some happy plants and cats taken at our friend Rex’s house last night, after our Equitas meeting in Dayton.  E was doing some deep electrical sleuth-work to determine what was malfunctioning in his wiring, and successfully got to the bottom of it.  Meanwhile, I got the more fun job of entertaining cats and admiring his sunroom of tropical plants, some of which I’ve donated myself.  Some of the enhanced lighting in there is also due to E’s electrical prowess.  (Also, there was pizza, not shown.)

These scenes inspire us to look forward to our own small home full of plants and animals, and maybe even a saner world somewhere down the road apiece.  Now, if we could only take our few real friends with us, it would be even better.






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