Dirty Socks and Politicians

I read an article about decluttering by the one category technique.  Rather than sorting your clutter by room or drawer, you pick one category of items, say, socks, and go through the whole house gathering all socks.  I realize that entails washing, sorting, and filing all the pairs into their appropriate drawers, where they will proceed to jump out, randomly scatter, and dis-match, all by themselves.  I haven’t worked out the solution to that, yet.  I live in a more orderly world, in which I sort my socks directly from clean laundry to sock drawer.  I realize this system probably doesn’t work for most large households with kids.  Maybe have a separate clean sock basket, from which each person has to find and match their own socks?  I can only imagine…

Somehow dirty socks leads me to my next thought, the insane circus that is Trump’s new cast of characters.  (My mind works in mysterious ways.)  Each one is more loony than the one before.  It’s baffling how these ludicrous choices can even be taken seriously, let alone get appointed to head serious departments.  (E says that’s why Ringling Bros. is going out of business, the competition is too stiff!)  One can only hope that they make such a shambles of it that not even Repubs can support their appointments.  But that would be in a reasonable world, which evidently we are not.  To put it another way, there’s just so much you can launder and darn (yes, I remember when people did that) an old worn-out odd sock.  It will never do the job.  Maybe turn it into a sock-puppet.

Lest I mismatch metaphors any further, I’ll put a sock in it.  AHAha.  😉





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