Scene of the Crime

Here is my personal HQ, the desk and laptop from which all the drivel spews forth.  I spend way too much of my time here.  It keeps me off the streets.

Note to your left the hulking edifice that is the infamous industrial-strength file cabinet from Metropolis.  Bombs wouldn’t phase its imposing efficiency.  It is some serious extreme office equipment.  Did I mention OCD?

I am currently in the process of reducing its weight so it doesn’t crash through the floor and crush unsuspecting persons below.  Although a few less meth-heads in the world might not be too big of a loss.  I didn’t say that.  You do not want to mess with this file cabinet.

My printer is on top, for easy access.  The side is like a bulletin board of favorite miscellaneous that I often refer to.  My shred-bag is between it and my desk.  It’s always brimming nowadays.

I am proud to report that, for the first time ever in history, I am keeping new year’s resolutions.  Corny as it sounds, it keeps me honest.  This time it worked because of the clever key: keep it short, doable, and daily.  Do not be tempted by your success to add on additional tasks, or extend your undertaking, or you’re doomed to failure.

Once your few daily increments become automatic habits, say in a month, or year, then maybe it’s safe to add one more to the routine.   Just keep it realistic.

I realize most people have converted over to electronic everything, but I’m always going to have one foot in the paper past, being old-school like that.  I’m working on it.  On the other hand, I have been fully assimilated into the online Borg; resistance is futile.  Even I can no longer imagine what we did pre-internet.

Well, obviously today is one of those drivel days, but since one of my resolutions is to practice writing more and spend less mindless time on social media, there you have it.  One of my favorite writers, Mark Manson, connects to his audience so effectively because he writes the way he thinks, not necessarily the way some old English teacher dictated.  I’m trying to learn that technique myself, but it definitely needs some work.  As always, I welcome any feedback, either on content or style.







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