Erev Cheers, y’all

If you’re feeling more than the usual level of anxiety, depression, and dread lately, you’re not alone.  Anyone with a speck of intelligence and concern for the state of our union is feeling the same right now.  It’s a scary future we’re headed into.  You know it’s bad when the only hope is for the incoming a–holes to just implode in their own train wreck.  Meanwhile, we’ll all have to pick up the pieces of our lives and survive.  What a surreal world to wake up to.

If you voted against this fiasco, all you can do is watch helplessly and acknowledge that you don’t have much control or recourse.  When those who enabled it realize the consequences affect them and their children and grandchildren as well as the rest of us, there won’t be any smug pleasure to be taken in our collective downfall.  We’ll be too busy licking our wounds and finding ways to never let this happen again.  Maybe this time around all of us will wake up to whatever went wrong in our country to allow a clueless psychoclown to be President.

Meanwhile, we ourselves are too old for another revolution, so we’re just going to hunker down, lay low, and sit it out in our future home in Undertheradar, USA.  It will be a safe haven for us and our immediate family, and the few fellow refugees we may trust to allow in.  We know things may get rough before they get better, but it won’t be the first time in history.  Sometimes it has to get extreme to wake people up.  Obviously we were not getting it right leading up to this election, and perhaps this is what it takes to shatter all illusions once and for all.

So I’m going to drink in the coming storm, and I hope you’ll join me.  What else is there?



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