Frigid, the Sequel to Frozen

This morning, the ice on the inside of what passes for windows was so thick and solid, instead of opening the blinds to get solar heating help, I just left them closed to maintain the extra ice layer of insulation.  Also, the crystal patterns were exquisite (see attempts at photo captures).  One learns to be resourceful and appreciative of the little things.

The outside temp right now is all of 8°!  “Feels like negative 7°”!?  The low was like 5.  Meanwhile, in our future TN home, it’s like 32°, a mere freezing.  When we’re there in a week, it will be more like high 40s or even 50.  Yes, I keep track of things like that.  I think moving south is a very good idea, on a day like this.  We’ll see how summer feels.

So I’m a weather/climate freak.  One gets that way, working outside in all conditions for decades.  Now, I’m quite content to be retired, thank you, even without the income.  Being an oldster will do that to you.  Having a roof over one’s head can not be overrated.  Having climate change deniers in office who want to take our very roofs and planet away from us, on the other hand, is very troubling, but I won’t go there.

After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that I am an utter coward.  I have no courage at all.  I could be the lion in Oz.  If push comes to shove in this country, and it’s another Nazi holocaust or apocalypse, I’m pretty sure I’ll be the one heading for the hills in abject terror.  I just hope I’ll have the integrity and bravery to save a few other stragglers along the way.  Or maybe I’ll surprise myself.  I hope I never have to find out.

(Winter does this to my head.  I get very insecure.  I think of all the homeless people freezing to death, and how I could easily be one of them.  Really not a big fan of winter.  Blah.)

Anyway, here are some pretty ice formations.  I’m very fortunate to be on the warmer side of them.






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