Reporting Live–Well, Semi-Dormant–from the Cave

I’m trying to get back into writing something every day, as opposed to cowering in existential despair, so here is your daily dose, LIVE from the cave.

More like semi-dormant and chilled.  The lovely ice crystals were on the inside of the thin windows this morning!  This building is almost like a cardboard box, but I’m grateful for that much.  The snow is still on the outside of it, so that’s something.  Cave dwellers can’t be choosers.

My fellow dweller is busy making chili to take the chilly edge off.  I’m busily trying to ignore that Neanderthal Pres.-elect and his alt-right mouth-breathers.  It’s hard to do.  He talks loud and carries a big stick.  And all those peasants with pitchforks and torches, in lockstep, heiling and hollering, are worrisome.  But we carry on.

For a cheery change of subject, it’s my oldest granddaughter’s birthday tomorrow, so here is a picture I made for her.  It’s supposed to convey hope for the future.  Something we could all use right about now.  Whatever form your secure retreat takes, may it shield you and keep you warm and safe from an uncertain future.  Cheers!






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