Reality Overload

It turns out I’m of the school of the obligatory daily dose of world news in order to be a good civic-minded citizen who stays informed and thus somehow makes the world a better, more reasonable place.  And it seems there is another school of thought that says this is mostly pointless, that it will only make me more crazy and scared, though perhaps with a slightly eased conscience, and not do a thing for changing minds or fixing the world.  I hate to admit I think I’m starting to appreciate the latter POV.

I’ve done my bit to filter out the worst of the hysteria “news” in favor of more factual “intelligence”  briefs.  For a month or so I’ve dutifully, if uneasily, sorted through my daily dosage of more and more unbelievable crap about our so-called PEOTUS and cronies, and the predicted longterm  damage it will do to, like, everything.  Every day the news gets more insane and horrible, and my state of mind goes deeper into fear and despair.  The rabble who elected this nutcase are becoming even more brazen and full of themselves, while the newly appointed partners in crime gloat and plan their evil agendas.  It’s unclear whether the checks and balances we used to depend on will even be in place.  All the getting informed in the world isn’t going to slow this avalanche of stupidity. It turns out the momentum has been building for a while.

I don’t mean to be a downer, but it’s getting to be too much for my puny brain.  It’s a reality overload, and I know I’m not the only one suffering from it.  The divisions in this country have gotten so extreme, no amount of reason or debate is going to bring us back together.  The more we protest this affront to democracy and civil rights, the farther it seems to divide us.  But we can’t remain passive and acquiescent either.  If we surrender ground, the adversary wins, and all of us lose.

Personally, I don’t know what to do.  I feel helpless.  We and fellow at-risk individuals stand to lose even more critical services, rights, and protections that we depend on.  We just want to go hide somewhere in obscurity and relative security, and try to weather this.  On bad days, I hope to not live to see the devastation of our country and planet, but then I think of my kids and grandkids who are inheriting this disaster.  We think of other vulnerable friends and communities who will suffer.  Apathy, fear, and passivity got us to this crisis, and will only enable it to devolve.

So I may take a brief hiatus from world news, or I may give in to my self-destructive addiction!  It’s like a sick fascination.  My generation was indoctrinated with the imperative to stay informed and never let history (i.e. the Holocaust) repeat itself, so it’s a hard habit to kick, and I can think of worse ones.  Not that knowing of atrocities will stop pigheaded tyrants from perpetrating them.  All it may afford us is some warning to head for the hills faster and avoid the mudslides.  Maybe grab some loved ones and fellow survivors on the way out.  Keep us mindful of being examples of reason and compassion to anyone who is open to it.

Any thoughts are welcome.


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