Happy erev Sukkot!  I love this harvest festival, as you can tell from my humble attempts to get festive!!  No sukkah again this year, so I just pretend and fantasize.  Thus, all these random shots of festiveness!  You can assume that the Harvest V-bar is open for the duration.  Think of all the harvesty components of beer and booze!  Hops, grains, botanicals of all kinds.  Hooray for Booze!

Look how festive the Skullies look!  Even the animals are getting into the act.  The big ceramic bowl is E’s new prized possession for bread-making.  We found it at our friend Ron’s little shop, The Bird Cage, so it’s special.  (The price was special, too; he always helps us out.)

Later, we’re going to our favorite (and practically only) farm market for some festive harvesty produce.  You can be sure there will be more photos.

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