Staying Productive

I finally did some yard work, bad back or not.  Mowed the whole jungle, pruned trees and plants, cleaned up the raised beds, tied up some floppy tomato plants that were hiding in the tangle, cut some herbs for drying, and so on.  Meanwhile, E continues to help the neighbor with repairing and painting her interior, while serving as a listener to her emotional process, and also found the time to bake excellent zucchini/banana breads, one of which she gave the neighbor.  The latter seems to be reviving and getting back on her feet, with E’s help and encouragement.

Here are some misc. scenes around the place.

Picture0821161505_8 Picture0821161505_6 Picture0821161505_7 Picture0821161506_3 Picture0821161506_2 Picture0821161506_1

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