L42’s Garden Almanac–First Harvest

I’ve been harvesting a few salad greens and herbs from the garden, but today I thinned out the first radishes!  I planted a mix of four kinds, so your guess is as good as mine.


Today I was amused to find, amongst the greens, tiny tomato plants that had reseeded from last year’s plants and overwintered!  Clever of them.


While I’m rambling on, have you ever tried this trick?  cut off the bottom of your celery bunch, stick it in shallow water, and watch it turn into more celery!  Then plant it.  Behold.  Magic.

Picture0511161326_8 Picture0511161326_7

Here is arugula, which I mystifyingly planted acres of, blooming.  Here are my chives which wintered over outside, and survived being transplanted into my perennial herb bed.  I use the flowers in arrangements just as much as the greens.

Picture0511161326_4 Picture0511161326_5

Here are lily-of-the-valley, pale yellow columbines, and Siberian iris.

Picture0511161326_1 Picture0511161326_2 Picture0511161326_3

That’s all from L42’s Garden Almanac for now.  Stay tuned to this action-packed adventure series.


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